Monday, January 07, 2008

Breaking News in the Holiday Cookie Bake-Off 2007 Conspiracy!

Eastern Judge Admits to Bribery! Scandal! Is the Western Judge similarly loose with morals and ethics? She has yet to deny these allegations and some might exclaim that it is irresponsible to toss accusations around the internets despite having solid proof of the perptrators, but The Genius knows that it would be irresponsible NOT to allege and accuses willy-nilly and hidey-ho!

You, loyal minions, must judge these judges guilty on your own recognizance and with what meager mental faculites you can muster.


Anonymous said...

Doofus, from the start we alleged cash bribes were acceptable.

You really need to spend less time on WoW shit and more time reading Jennifer's blog.

Furthermore, when you bake cookies that actually reach UC's pie hole, you can have a complaint.


Chuckles said...

Your threats and intimidation will not silence me! I will not be silenced by the oppressive boot of the Eastern Province's Booted Thugs! Your phoned in comments will never sway the minds of the people! I am truly democratically elected Cookie King and I will sit upon my porcelain and receive the exhortations of all my blessed beseechers!

I have overcome your quarter-assed mockery of a judgery and your rampant bias!

Three cheers for freedom!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I'll bet AG won't say that to Glue Birl.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. Get laid or something tattooed at the very least.

You have nothing. Nothing.

If they want their prizes and final scores, they will keep it shut.

Vonnie said...

You are no king. King of NOT winning the CookieCarnageContest, maybe.
Oh. And Happy New Year.

Jennifer said...

Chuckles- your cookies weren't frozen peecicles were they?

Chuckles said...

Well, to win, we would need to get some actual discussion of the entries by both segments of the judging population...if you have time to bitch me out, you have time to write a decent critique of all the Bake-Off entries, including those devoured by the filthy hands of delivery workers.

The Uncanny Canadian said...

I am guilty only of never having been sent any of Chuckles' bake-off cookies. I would be happy to judge them on our 3+ categories of excellence had they been able to fit into the necessary tubular transporter devices.

Anonymous said...

You have time to write a decent critique of all the Bake-Off entries

Cornhole, again -- see Jennifer's blog.

You suck. Accept your last place lot in life and move on...