Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Series: Is This Woman Hitting On Me?

I was waiting for a friend in the video store where I work the odd night or two and a in walked another coworker. She is around 5' maybe 5'3" (it is hard to tell with the shorties) and petite. She has black hair is really attractive. We joke a lot at work and stuff and generally get along well. Somehow, we got to talking about phones and pictures on them. I show my nephew around to her and the other employee and some other photos and we all laugh at the picture I have of the ad for The Vampire Lestat: The Musical with songs by Elton John. The potential flirt then says that she has pictures on her phone. Naked pictures. Of her. That she then shows me.

I need a minute before I type further because there are flames. On the side of my face. Flames.

She giggles and I am trying to formulate a coherent discharge of electricity from one neuron to the other in my brain which had shorted the hell out. It is enough to say that the picture was hot and confirms all of the suspicions in my head since the Nudity Buffer was passed.

This woman has previously said that she thinks that the chubby Will Ferrel is hot and that she likes tall men with a bit of meat. And girth. In the penis region.

So I ask the question: Is she hitting on me?

Please put this instead of my name:
Clueless in DC But Still a Freaking Genius.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Most Recent Pictures of Res Publica Indicate Obsession

Put down the Moon Master Gorgotron Super Sword and back away from the television.

This is for your own good, little buddy.

dontEATnachos with the assist!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bare Knuckled Bear Fight

I just lost the fight. In one corner there is Ugga (all purpose Uncle, me) and in the other corner there is Poopoo (The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh). Result: I am in the basement blogging and my nephew is upstairs watching the movie.

Pictures to follow in the next week.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I think I will buy a Playstation 3 with all the accessories

Buy me one of these:

That is all.

Review of Casino Royale

My review of Casino Royale is up. It isn't the best review ever, but please check it out. I have accepted that I will never be close to the Onion without film school, but I still think my opinion carries weight.

In my mind.

Also, this review would have been up last Friday morning because I saw an early screening (yeah, I have access) but there were unforeseen technical issues.

Probably resulting from an overload of pr0n on my ISP.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Thanks to AG, I stopped by the old nemesis' place and a learned that SeanS is bowing our of bloggingrepeating lies and deceptions of the Republican National Agenda.

I might feel a sense of accomplishment if I gave a shit.

My verification for publishing this post was: xenbj.

Monday Mostalgia

Just a couple things are bringing me down today, new things, not just the whole fucking state of the world.

Lego is downsizing and moving the company's manufacturing jobs from Denmark to Mexico and the Czech Republic.

The Transformers movie is 20 years old. The 20th anniversary DVD is pretty good, we have it at my moonlight video. I read a guy's signature on some forum that said:

"I don't understand why people will kill for their religion but if Optimus Prime told me to kill someone, that man is going down."

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Weekly World Music: Wednesday Edition

Canasta - Slow Down Chicago

I really enjoy this song and the rest of the album, too. I had to go to fairly deep lengths (is that even appropriate) to get it, but it has been worth it.

The Police - Hole in My Life

Still like the earlier stuff. The later stuff is nice, but I like to space it out a bit more.

Lily Allen - Alfie

teh l4m3 owes me about 12 dollars and a ticket to Europe. I bought Lily Allen's album in Heathrow airport in early October. I told you before, I go to deep lengths to get music I like.

Johnny Cash - I'm Leaving Now

As a matter of fact, I am also leaving now. For lunch.

Arne Brun - Rubber & Soul

Downloaded from one of fulsome's free music from review sites links. Not bad, I don't know quite how I feel about it at work. Work tends to mitigate a lot of coolness and enjoyment. I also can't locate a decent link, maybe I should learn to googler better.

Caribou - Pelican Narrows

RIPPED! from fulsome's collection.

Caribou - Barnowl

RIPPED! ditto.

Paul Oakenfold - Harder They Come

Yeah, I bought this album, so what?

Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around

From The Legend of Cash. Great song. Great collection. Just for the record, I was into Johnny Cash well before it was cool.

Benni Hemm Hemm - Sweaty in the Sunshine

Again from a music review site, like porn I sort of just download everything and never delete anything. I wouldn't delete this, I'm just saying. Why can't I stop talking about porn?

Weather on the Internet

Today's Forecast:
A heavy coating of Spam is expected before Noon.
A high probability of silly coworker computer problems are expected to develop by three.
Today is a Mild risk of Work Related Annoyance, due to one of three bosses being out of town.
Be on the lookout for a thick front of slacking moving in from the west later this week, could make work a bit troubling.

That's the latest and have a good rest of the day.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Some Thoughts on Forms

Specifically, the female form.

Philosophy classes in college were awesome. I learned a great deal about a bunch of people's ideas for the unanswerable and learned some great new questions. The whole discussion of monads and stuff was awesome. In particular, I could sit there daydreaming about certain monads and it was totally on target. For instance, I could sit there assembling an attempt at the monad of woman and who would say that I was not working through the theorems? I was just working in a slightly different context, but the questions were dead on topic.

Questions like:
Is the female form a single monad or a bunch of monads?
Is there a monad of boobs?
What about faces?
These are all ideas and separate but to put together a human, you have to have all these other parts and a human can not exist without a head or a face. Are these really separate monads or are they dependent on the first concept of a human/person?
Is not Bettie Page the monad of HOTT?

These are the things I would think about in certain philosophical discussions while my brain would multi-task. I was paying attention while I was daydreaming because I am that good.

So anyway, I was watching The Notorious Bettie Page last night and it was a pretty damn good movie. Gretchen Mol does a fine job and her supporting cast is pretty neat as well. And goddam if she isn't just a spitting image of the lovely pin-up queen. Anyway, AG can eat it because I know will hate this post, but that is because she is a self hating woman who is afraid of nudity. SSDHPPBPHHPBBTHTTT!

That is the onomatopeia of a raspberry.

I read Playboy and I also look at it and I am not embarassed to admit this, as recent Pork Snorkelers found out. I could lie, but I don't really see the point. Anybody that is going to be flustered by this admission and get all huffy (AG) is going to get all huffy with me anyway. Anyone who understands why a man like me can freely admit that and not be all ashamed knows exactly what I am saying.

Hell, all the hardware problems I have encountered in the last two days are a direct result of all the porn on my computer. I freely admit that I have too much, but only too much in that it intereferes with other programs by preventing me from installing new games. I am undergoing a purge of quite a bit of these files because I don't need them anymore.

I don't think I ever needed them, I do know a thing or two about meeting RL women, but porn has a certain simplicity. This same simplicity is both attractive and boring. Thus, I pare down the collection. If this choice is between porn and a living woman, I am not so messed up that I would even have to debate that internally. I am just as pervy as the average guy out there, but I don't think I have an average approach to porn.

I am rambling here, but the main point is that The Notorious Bettie Page is a worthwhile movie to watch. And not at 4x speed followed by several quick reverse and slow commands with your dvd player's remote.

Please Note: In the interests of everyone's job status = not fired, I have not included any pictures with this post.

Command Message from Moonbase 2: Resume Blogging




Heeerrrrmmmmmm.....Bloggo System Power Status: Green

Genius Status: Caffienated

Genius Processing Power: 99.999999% Capacity

Set Genius Status = Green

Wang Diagnostic: Pre-Ready State

Pelvic Motivators: Full Thrust Available

Set Wang Status = Green

All Systems Report Ready for Bloggo

Monday, November 06, 2006

While We Are On The Subject: Steve Zahn?

What the hell happend to Steve Zahn? Where did you go buddy? He fell off the face of the freaking planet, man!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oh nos and oh wells

I am a massive putz in addition to being massively wanged. I missed the DC voter registration deadline.

It doesn't really matter because I have no voting Representative in the House nor Senate. Eleanor Holmes Norton will be reelected without me and will continue to be sidelined and ignored by Congress, just like most of the residents of the District.