Tuesday, January 15, 2008

That Tears It

I can no longer live without seeing ItNotK:aDST. I am changing my plans and seeing this tonight at 7:10 at the Courthouse theater. I know that this means trekking into Virginia but nothing could impede my enjoyment of this movie. Will Sanderson, I wish I had even vaster internet fame because I would love to interview you about working with the Master. I don't want to interview the master himself because he knows how to box, not that any interview I would conduct with Mr. Sanderson would end in violence.

ADDED on Tuesday, Jan. 15th: I wish I had thought of this review style first. I did one of these for Red Dawn a while back, but don't want to look like a choad for self-linkage.


Anonymous said...

Movie, eh? Is that what you are calling it now?

Sounds to me like he plans to hit a NoVa coffee house and say stupid shit to women there that will cost him a good six months of sex.

Oh Chuckles!

Chuckles said...

Why don't you go review some cookies?

Kathleen said...

AV's got your number Save perhaps for his fan club of ironists

Anonymous said...

Why don't you shut up!