Sunday, January 27, 2008

Different Financial Situations in the District of Columbia

I make 41,000 dollars on the button, not counting my benefits which I have no idea how to calculate. We'll make a liberal assessment of my benefits and set them at 6,000, including the two courses my employer has payed for me to take. Maybe very liberal.

My debts: 5,700 in credit cards that all came from stupid shit I bought a while ago or plane tickets to weddings that I didn't pay off as fast as I should.

My monthly payments:
Cable/internet: $70
Cell phone: $95 (really need to cancel that bullshit Data Plan)
Auto/Renters Insurance: $38 ten months of the year
Electricity: $20 a month (compact flourescents and smart usage)
Rent: $850 for a 427 sq. ft. efficiency in the District (rent control means $875 on March 1st)

I dunno, maybe 30 or 35% of gross pay? Something like that. Unlike some fluffy cobagz, I don't mind paying my taxes because I understand what taxes allow. A lot of that I don't like, but that is why I try to change government without breaking the law.

School Debt:
Haven't been to grad school.

Basically, if you want to pay less than Aravosis and all his "friends" pay to live in the District, you can do it easily. I get the feeling that he lives rather high on the hog, since he claims somewhere around $1200 a month for rent/mortgage but since he keeps renaming or deleting the posts, we can't really ever know the truth. We also have a hard time determining the truth since he keeps breaking it into smaller and smaller pieces so as to make it invisible. All I'm saying is that I am fucking terrible with money (Evidence: have yet to file a tax return for, um, 2004) and if I were earning 75,000 dollars, I would have no debt and be considering either grad school or a trip to Europe or Tibet, while also saving for a house.

Maybe you just suck at life, Aravosis, as badly as you suck at taking valid criticism?


Anonymous said...

wow, you pay $95 for your cell phone. Change that man, you'd be saving like $45 a month if you just did the cheapest unlimited nights/weekends plan.

Anonymous said...

His cell phone plan probably consists of lots of doodad features like email.

Mine's expensive too because I have unlimited Canadian roaming.

Anonymous said...

For 95 a month I'd expect to be able to play GH3 on it.

Anonymous said...

Then I saw this.

I 'd call that synchronicity

Anonymous said...

Our situations are remarkably similar and I take that to mean that Seattle isn't as cheap to live in as all those who move here, think it is.
Cell phones are expensive for sure!
Give it up!

Chuckles said...

I got hosed on my cell phone deal and have only recently realized it. I am changing that plan on Monday

Snag said...

You should beg for more money on your blog.

Kathleen said...

I think that J-Ara spends a lot more on food and booze than you do.

Jenny said...

You have just pretty much scared the poop out of me. If I end up working in or near DC, I highly doubt I'm gonna get much quality of life out of the minor ducats I'm sure to be paid. I'm tired of living like a student!!

Chuckles said...

Jenny, if you live near DC, don't worry about it. I'll help you find a safe neighborhood that is affordable. This cobag, Aravosis, probably lives in some swanky overpriced condo above his favorite Whole Foods and within walking distance of his favorite Starbucks and within reach of his favorite elitist sushibar and spitting distance from his favorite golden goblet gin joint.