Monday, January 07, 2008

Daily Reads

Despite being a WoW addicted cobag-son-of-a-bitch, I do find time to read. In the last three weeks, I have read Gun, With Occasional Music by Johnathan Lethem and Cauldron by Jack McDevitt. I thoroughly enjoyed them both and recommend them to the same crowd. I started She Climbed Across the Table by Lethem and have read almost all of McDevitt's books already, so he better get cracking on feeding my hard science fiction jones.

I heard only recently that Robert Jordan had died in September, so all of you who bet that he would kick it before finishing the Wheel of Time series won that round.

In other not-so-light reading, check out PAPERCUT by Michael Cho.


Kathleen said...

I really liked Gun too - read it last year (finally!) It was a little *too* obvious in the Hammett-borrowing, but definitely really good.

I will check out McDevitt, I dont' think I have read anything by him.

I have been meaning to write a post on RJ for a while. I wanted to get it done by New Years, but maybe this week. I have a hard time with emotional posts sometimes.

Chuckles said...

I recommend you read Engines of God first.

Eternity Road is similarly good, but a novel, not a novel that developed into a series. Fuck it. All of his are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I really liked McDevitt's Omega.

Chuckles said...

Indeed, Mandos, it was good. Have you read the rest in that series?

Anonymous said...

Most of it, yes. I haven't read "Chindi" yet.

Anonymous said...

So he died and told his estate to use his notes to continue on the tradition of his never ending fantasy sagas... The book released in 2125 will leave us hanging in terms of what happens when Rand's grandson meets the king of trollocs at age 12.