Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Radness at 4000 Wisconsin Avenue

Everybody in San Francisco, LISTEN UP BITCHES!

Night Watch is so freaking cool, I had to call my mom and smack her long distance. That movie was so neat, it inspired me to write my own crappy White Wolf crime movie script last night. This phenomenon is so awesome it sucks the awesomeness right out of you and leaves you a shattered husk of nerdy lameness, lamenting your lost imagination.

On a final note, San Francisco is one of three cities in the whole freaking country to have a theater playing the movie. It is playing at the Metreon and if you don't go see it, call me and I will rely the entire plot and quote some shit and then you will kill yourself because you have missed a great movie and had to listen to me rub it in your face. Night Watch is so ubiquitously neutronian, I have to make up words to describe how cool it is. The director and writers can probably wander around the streets of Mockba* AND GRAB HOT BABES AND JUST PORK THEM ON THE STEET because this movie is so good.

*That's Moscow to you and me, bitches, oh yeah, I'm going all kazakhy on your asses.


Chuckles said...

Just wait'll you get a load a me

Unknown said...

Oh good, an ode to Beer Pong Cobag Brian with 'porking babes'.