Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Lament for Brian Beer Pong

I weep for our species. We have lost a great blog. Brianbeerpong is no more. He was funny. He was odd. He was clearly ripping on some tool from his college or, perhaps, high school. He annoyed the shit out of AdorableNotMyGirlfriendNoMatterWhatSheThinks. She never understood him and she contributed to his demise in no small way. She does not understand Stripes either, and perhaps she even misses the point of Animal House as well. She is a misandronystic(is that even a word?) misanthrope. I hope she is happy with herself in her new life.

In Sean Penn news, he has been signed to direct Into the Wild about this guy who died trying to live in Alaska. I read about him when I was travelling to somewhere in high school. This poor bastard had little wilderness training and froze to death in a bus. He had tried to burn a tree in a fire in the bus. He couldn't cut the tree apart because he only had a machete, so he broke a window and shoved the tree through it. I guess that is the Greek quality in action. I am sure that Sean Penn will turn it into a stunning display of human fortitude and the guy will find some hippie chick and they will fall in love and fight off bears with only their hands and live happily ever after.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean you are still coming over later tonight with your leather gear?

teh l4m3 said...

Chuckles's bolus is full of junk. It's true.

Chuckles said...

Given the several and varied definitions of bolus, I would state that I will com eover after my bolus has passed.

I am not into coed bolus passing. That's just gross.