Friday, February 03, 2006

And Now, A Little Edward Hopper for My Brother in the Big SK

Work has been interesting. I have been presented with a puzzle. I have to find a shipment of books that was sent back to the publishers and they are saying that we have not shipped them back. I sent the books ten months ago. The publishing house is a little behind the ball on this issue, but I like puzzles. I will be digging through some old emails and invoices. I suppose this is the time to point out that my boss' tendency to save all of his emails may come in handy. Good thing I filed them all on a monthly and yearly basis. Other than that, I fiddle with File Maker Pro and try to convince it to do what I want. I have almost got this database in shape.
I have been working out almost every morning for the last two weeks and my pants are feeling looser. This is nice. I want to look better naked and look good for TheDarkMan's wedding in May.
I cooked balogna pie for dinner. I actually cooked. Used two pots, two plates and no less than three spices and three forms of liquid in cooking. Salt, pepper melange and rosemary with chicken simmered in olive oil and a nice white wine with couscous(the grain, not the aboreal Australian mammal). It has been a while since I cooked, but it turned out quite well. It has been said that I only ever cook balogna pie, but those who claim it is so are just jealous of my ability to whip stuff up into awesomely edible fare.
The American version of The Office is funny, but I missed it because I was cooking. I haven't introduced anybody to the British version yet, but I have introduced someone to Coupling and that went very well.
When are you coming back? The 40k minis are getting seriously lonely.


teh l4m3 said...

So when is the defense contractor interview, komrade?

Chuckles said...

Not for a while. I can't yet make up my mind. I am seriously torn. I may just sandbag myself with this one like I have so many times in past.