Thursday, June 01, 2006

Can I take a moment?

I would like to say that I find the "We can do better" slogan to be extremely pathetic. We1 could even have a whole thread about our ideas for a better Democratic slogan. I bet we could do better than "We can do better."

Let me start:

The Democrats have not been screwing you over for the last 26 years. (A bit misleading, people might think the Democrats would like to start screwing them.)

Remember the promise of the early '90s? Republicans pissed all that away pretty good didn't they? (A little too negative.)

Vote your morality and your checkbook! Vote Democratic! (That's not bad.)

1 Me, AG and teh l4m3, since no one else really comments here.


Anonymous said...

speaking of you three, whatever happened to that Canuck person?

Chuckles said...

She took off for the moral high ground of Shootalibrul. She is an effing traitor.

She kept claiming to vote her morality but always stuck with the Republicans. She was pretty typical and disappointingly so.

Ah well, such is the plight of the genuis.

Democrats: We want to prevent the Republicans from forcibly impregnating your daughter.

xpvpwh: Former player killer turned whiner.

Kevin Wolf said...

I'll take the bait, Chuckles...

How 'bout: VOTE DEMOCRAT! (Democrat is a registered trademark of the Democratic National Committee and its licensees. Any verbal use of the label Democrat without the written consent of the DNC is prohibited.)


Okay, how 'bout this: Pull the Demoractic lever! or Who's pulling whose lever?

Chuckles said...


*Diebold reserves the right to change your vote to the party of Diebold's choosing.

Anonymous said...

I vote for a simple slogan:

"Had Enough?"

Believe it or not, that's what Newt Gingrich said he would use as a slogan were he a Democrat.

Stay tuned . . . T-shirt and merchandise follow . . .

(And you need to add me to your footnote of commenters here!)

Anonymous said...

AIF, much like Annie Angel, can we just ignore her and not encourage the visits.

I think this one will work:

Pinko Punko: It's what happens when friends let friends vote Republican.

Chuckles said...

ooooh. I like "Had Enough?" by the Clif and Newt dynamic duo.*

"Tired of paying for corporate tax breaks? Vote Democrat!"

*This does not imply that they are partners, nor that Newt is cool or forgiven.

fulsome said...

I also like the idea of the "Republican't" party.

Stolen from here.

teh l4m3 said...

Democrats may get blow-jobs, but at least they're not evil, myopic, avaricious morons!

Anonymous said...

Democrats: atleast we get blow jobs.

Republicans: Like herpes, but worse.

Isn't it time you voted for the other white meat? Vote Democrat.

I have a boyfriend and a husband, I don't need a Republican in the White House to lie to me.
I got a girlfriend and a wife, I don't need a Republican in the White House to lie to me.

The Republican Party: More hated by dogs across America than the postal service.

Anonymous said...

haven't you had enough Dick to last you a lifetime?

Vite democrat!

Anonymous said...

"Vite Democrat" was a typo. i wasn't trying to ask people to live the Dem life.

i just want people to stop voting for people that dick them over

Anonymous said...

Oh my, a traitor!

Dearest Chuckles, the only reason I went to visit shootaliberal was because you linked it over and over and over and over and over again. I never, in my wildest dream, would have thought you'd be so upset over me agreeing with fellow conservatives. Kind of makes me blush.

And another thing, I'M NOT A REPUBLICAN! Sheesh. Of all people, I'd thought YOU'D know the difference.


Chuckles said...

You're going to have to explain that claim, canuck.

How are you not a Republican?

Anonymous said...

Chuckles, are you a liberal or a democrat, or do you not see a difference?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

winks out to you AI.



Anonymous said...

Actually AI, I may not comment a lot on Chuckles blog, and I may not read it every single day, but I do keep up. It's interesting to see how "the other half" live.

Good to know I was missed.


(Chuckles, that question about lib or dem was by me.)

Chuckles said...

I like that canuck thinks I am the other half. She must mean the working poor, because I sure as hell am not anywhere close to rich. Or even median income.

Canuck, I am more of green party person, but we have no effective green party in the US. I am liberal on all issues and were we in Germany, I would vote green probably every time. The closest thing we have to green is Democrat for now, so I am stuck.

You have been extremely cagey since the first time you came over here, Canuck. You have made various claims about your morality, but then claim to support the party that doesn't respect your morals. If the last 6 years of rising AIDs infection rates and teen pregnancy rates have shown you anything, you should vote Democratic. If the last six years of scandal and illegalities and war have shown you anything, you should vote Democratic.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't vote Democrat just to vote opposite Republican. Libertarian is actually looking pretty good these days.

I don't understand your "cagey" comment. I believe I've stated my beliefs quite clearly.

And to help you out with my term, "the other half", you answered it for me by stating you prefer the green party. It wasn't meant in terms of rich vs. poor, but rather political sides.

Chuckles said...

Except the green party isn't really a side so much as a spectator.

Anonymous said...