Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Internets Continue to Fuel My Rage

Patricia and Matthew were having an argument over their favorite science fiction television show. Pat was thrilled that the newest captain was female. Matt was not. “I still don't see why they had to cast a woman! She just can't command the same way a man can. Listen to her voice. Is that the deep voice of authority? I don't think so!” argued Matthew.

“What's the difference?” asked Pat. “When mom grounded you last week, she didn't need a 'deep voice of authority'.”

Pat slowly started to smile. She loved to win arguments—especially when the arguments were with her brother.

Then Pat started wondering if the captain's sex did make a difference. In Pat's opinion, the captain did a fine job; her crew obeyed her and she made the right decisions. However, she was certainly different from the show's male captains. It wasn't that the new captain acted like a man. She was feminine. But she still acted like a captain.

Just as her head was starting to swim from all of this thinking, Matt shouted, “Hey, sis, Admiral Mom says to finish our homework or we'll both end up in the brig!”

“Aye, aye,” laughed Patricia.

I found this gem while I was doing web research at work. It was on an abstinence educators' website under the heading "Sexuality". The website was offering ways to explain the difference between boys and girls. The above example is abysmal.

I would try something like, oh, I dunno, talking to my kids instead of letting the TV run the lesson. Not exactly rocket science, but then the above example does come from the Ostritch People.

They keep their heads in the sand? Get it? I made my own insult! Now I am as cool as Pinko!

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Just as her head was starting to swim from all of this thinking,

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