Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And I thought fulsome was being original. How naive of me.

Apparently, having a kitty is some sort of time honored internets tradition in some parts. I guess my idea of posting pictures of cattle mutilations was somewhat on topic, but I thought the kitty missiles was funny. Now, I see that we were just being lame, copy kitty, tradolinquent, bran muffins.

Well, that's just great. Maybe I will just sit here and sulk or something. Oleki bango says we should launch a preemptive strike and blow the fuck out of some conservablog jackass, but that has gotten mighty old. I acknowledge the fact that it has only gotten old because other people do it so much better than I. But there is one arena in which I can still compete:


After all, I live in the City of Cobaggy Delights. I shall now abuse this residence. I am meeting up with "thecobagitator" this weekend and I plan on using the leftover signs from fulsome's visit and some new signs.

I do this is for really only one reason: I like winning contests. I guess that means I deserve a 'baggie nomination, but since those will never be awarded--oh, I just got that joke. Anyway, I wonder when the prizes from the first header contest will be sent?

By the way, the song is about me.


Anonymous said...

it is kind of like the endless prize pack. see, we just got even more for it last weekend. we're getting there. We just want you to have some good stuff.

Trust me. It is coming.

Anonymous said...

Endless because it exists only in your head.

Unknown said...

The last time he told a man to trust him and it was coming, oh nevermind...

BTW, a bag of Take 5's and a Wonder Woman doll ain't no prize!

Chuckles said...

If that Wonder Woman doll is a life size Linda Carter Realdoll, then that is one hell of a prize.

Just charge the cost of the dolls to M-MP's lab account.

And totally creepy.

Anonymous said...

It's Pinko, what isn't creepy?