Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I think an aneurysm just burst in my brain

What drives you all so bonkers about the Left anywho? The fact that after 6 years of total Conservative control, NOTHING has gone correct for the nation? Or is it that no matter how hard you try to shut us up, how desperate you get to discrdit us, or how whiny you get to Big Media that every liberal is anti-American, no one Moonbats are still here?
Yankee_Blue | Homepage | 06.12.06 - 12:52 pm |

And Yankee Blue stops by to show the continued ignorance of the left by claiming that there are elected conservatives in Washington. News flash, Yanker -- there's almost none and certainly not "total control."
Ogre | Homepage | 06.12.06 - 6:32 pm |

From the Kender Musings comments on that cobag's attempt to get in a fight at the Yearly Kos in Las Vegas. If some tubby, smelly, cheeto powder covered lunatic stalked into a convention I was at and acted like people ought to know who he is and debate him with their fists, I would flip a coin and let that decide whether I ignore him or punch him in the face. This saddens me because I really don't consider myself a violent person, but I have been contemplating committing grevious bodily harm on people like Kender for some time now. I should really be rather immune to jackasses like this guy because of my experience with gaming conventions. Those events are full of cheeto snarfing, tubby, annoying, socially inept people that want to explain their character to everyone. I have not run into one who wanted to explain how the Republican'ts are not conservatives, however.

I have yet to hear any compelling statements or even the tiniest shred of an argument that holds water to support that claim. These jackasses sure seem to insist on it, though. I guess it is their only refuge from the fact that America is not the conservative paradise they were promised when they voted for all those assholes in Congress and the Cobag in Chief. After all, Frist is not a real conservative and neither is Santorum or DeLay or Cunningham or McCain or Bush or Cheney or Insert Name Here.

Good job Kender. Those leftist losers wouldn't dare challenge you because they can't debate on the field of ideas. As Kos would infamously say- "Screw Them"
RealTeen | Homepage | 06.12.06 - 3:20 pm |

Apparently, the "field of ideas" is now the field of Asgard. Awesome reasoning. Kender tries to pick a fight or a shouting match, whatevars, and is basically ignored by the five or six attendees he sees and is lauded for showing all the whiny, dumb moron liburls that they can not debate a true conservative. This is actually true. I don't think it is possible to debate this overflowing cobag. You can punch him in his massively swollen gut or insult the hell out of him in a blog or in person, but you can't debate him because he knows nothing of the rules of argument or anything about this 'reality' of which you speak.

Plus, who wants to get cheeto spit sprayed all over you?

In response to his statements that no liberal would ever dare do what he did, I refer my reader to this post of mine. I wasn't dressed like a deranged fundie and I didn't take an immense dump in the middle of the floor, but still I went deeper into the heart of evil than Kender. I think this has something to do with my massive testicles and his teeny tiny set of marbles.


Anonymous said...

Those nutters are so crazy. They have to believe their nonsense because reality is simply too scary for them. Give 'em a phone camera and send 'em to Target. Let them take photos of their shoes and be done with it.

Chuckles said...

That was amazingly lame. More evidence that children under 18 should not have cell phones.