Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hilarious? Yes. Unhinged? Never! Commie? Not so sure.

"Hilariously unhinged commie: tie Chuckles at Freelance Genius and Adorable Girlfriend at Republic of Dogs"

I forget who wrote this in whatever comment thread, but whoever wrote this can bite me. I am not unhinged. I am competently hilarious and conveniently sane.

As a human who is not yet ascended to the status of cyborg, robot, demigod or even demagogue, I should define my principles.

People should take responsibility for their actions. In this, I guess someone might call me a little randroid. However, government exists to enforce the consequences of our actions when we fail to take responsibility on our own. Government should be a stabilizing force on instinct and emotion for the society as a whole. I think this era of philosophy was called the Spinozan Panopticon.

Business and government together perform research that leads us into new eras of civilization and technology. Computers and all the cool benefits of the space program like the CD players that the men in black brought us. Incidentally, I can't wait for the aliens to bring us hologram technology because a holodeck would be sweet. Except when it breaks and that seems to happen almost every time someone uses one. I don't know what this makes me. Logical Positivist?

People like to take things instead of make them. We should have defense forces. We should not use these defense forces to take other people's stuff. That is what diplomacy does. I think this makes me a Cartesian Calvinist.

The world of the senses is all there is, but my mind is my most cherished possession. If I were to lose my mind, I would surely go insane. Every new experience changes my perception of my current situation and thus my mind is always in ways that is largely unpredictable. This has elements of Socratic Baconian Thought.

I hope this clears the air.


teh l4m3 said...

I bet it was SeanS.

Thank goodness he's so nuts, not even a Fish & Game department run by Bush minions would issue him a Liberal Tag with his hunting license...

Anonymous said...

Oh no, you know which choad cobag wrote that. He is such an effing loser! (He also is mad because he wants you bad, Chuckles.)

P.S. teh, teh -- that is too clever for Sean by half.

Chuckles said...

I think it Kevin Wolf or someone like that and I think it may have been at S,N!

Anonymous said...

If I were to lose my mind, I would surely go insane

mr tautology pops in his head!

that people should take responsibility for their actions does not make you a randroid, what makes one a randroid is the inability to realize that co-operative action is preferable to purely competitive action.

bpbmao: mao reloaded

Chuckles said...

I have never read any of Rand's stuff. It is unlikely I will. If I want to really make fun of it and her adherents, I should read it.

This post is designed to give fulsome a headache.

Anonymous said...

no, you do not want to read rand;s stuff. the very fact that they find intellectual comfort in such sloppy thinking that is covered up with grandiose prose that is one sex scene away from a harlequin romance is enough to make fun of them.

i usually blow through fiction like butter, but this atlas shrugged is like taffy. i'm stuck in it(400 pages) and i've got 600 to go!! and i can't get motivated to read any more because it's so bad...

Chuckles said...

Sounds like a Stephen King book.

Anonymous said...

You know very well it was dear sweet Kevin. You know which emu boy loving fruit loop it was. He's jealous because he wants you so bad.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, wasn't Kevin, is what I meant to say.


Anonymous said...

I'm ready to be a cyborg, already. I mean, fuck, it's 2006! Why can't I browse teh internetz with some kind of brain implant yet?

sqairub (I dont' know what that is, but you can't do it to me!)