Monday, December 05, 2005

Brian is a cobag, but I am now inspired

In all seriousness, "playing beer pong and porking babes"? This sounds more like a lonely high school sophomore whose sole source of social interaction stems from his DSL connection. Poor kid probably doesn't even know DSL stands for...sigh. Now, if he had said, playing spades, drinking forties and stroking bitches, then I could have believed that he had actually done any of those activities.

But seriously, who says pork anymore? Slapping the salami and bopping your balogna went out with the '80s. Even the 'hot beef injection' is getting old. I was thinking maybe we could try out something related to Ron Popeil's rotisserie oven. Fuck it and forget it? Nah, too derivative. What about a euphemism related to Mathew Lesko's free money books? Free money to masturbate!

Sounds like a new Pepsi Challenge!


teh l4m3 said...

Can you imagine? Lecherous Lesko flailing around some generic red-light district, screaming "Learn how to get tons of punanni from the government -- ABSOLUTELY FREEEEEEE!!!"

I for one can't think of anything more erotic.

Chuckles said...

Dude is from the DC area, too. A reporter from our City Paper dressed as Mathew Lesko for Halloween and did not need to explain it once.

fulsome said...

I think we underestimated Brian Beer Pong. It is pretty funny, actually. Still possibly written by a high schooler but clearing making fun of the Wonderful World of Beer Pong.

Oh, and Open Source Media

Anonymous said...

Fulsome, how much candy did you
shove up your nose tonight? "Hello, Beloit? I have a liberal arts degree to return to you because the Big F. supports objectification of women in the form of ping pong banter".

Chuckie: Double AG hearts to you. 3 blow jobs for you! See Pinko Punko for them. I ripped Bri-bitch (boi bitch to the max) up on my blog earlier this morning. Lame. Very lame.

Pork? I'll show him the other white meat.

Chuckles said...

Perhaps I should have a jacket made that is half yellow and half purple and has penises sewn on it in the other half's colors, ala The Illustrious Mr. Lesko's question mark suits?

Chuckles said...

Pounding the pavement is a little too rough, but what about...

filing my 1040EX?