Saturday, December 10, 2005

Here we go again, thanks Teh...

Clinton did a far better job of things than people want to give him credit.

Clinton's anti-terror groupies were *actually* hunting OBL and cutting off his fuunding, until they were disregarded and replaced by GWB. Cheney and GWB were all waiting for 9/11 to happen. Those bastards have been making a crapload of money from every disaster they have allowed to happen during their tenure. Cheney even said, "I think these guys[The Clinton Administration] are a little obsessed with this Bin Laden." It is utterly despicable.

Granted, some will say Clinton's economic policies led us to the recession/depression we are in, but trickle-down/supply side economics have been a proven failure since Reagan and Bush the Elder. I won't even speak on Clinton's debt reduction policies, they pretty much speak on their own. Every economist knows that our economy cycles through periods of boom and bust, but this can be mitigated through governmental policies. Some people might say that Clinton's policies could only result in a bust, but while that may be true tax breaks for the wealthy and easing business taxes and regulations only squeeze the little guys.

Please allow me a moment to speak about the 'little guy.' These economic policies of the Commander in Thief (how original of me) are now hurting more of his voters than ever before in the history of the US. People like to say that more people voted for GWB than any other president in history. Well, for you stat whores, more people voted against him than ony other president in history. Now, if you tried to say that he won a higher percentage of the Electorate and Popular votes, you would be wrong. GWB has not won by a higher percentage or by a higher margin. In 2000, disregarding the entire fact THAT IT WAS AN ILLEGALLY CONDUCTED VOTE IN FLORIDA, GWB only won by the seat of his pants. Just like 2004. So, back to the little guy, if more people than ever before voted for the current president, you might think he would take steps to protect all of these people that support him and gave him his job. If only it were so. GWB is out to screw his voters. Don't be foolish in the future, vote for someone who actually gives a shit about you.

Back to rambling about Clinton. So Clinton got some head while he was in the office. Is it more important that he lied about a blow job or that the current lie is killing people every day?(I make no distinction in nationality of those killed.)

So, please, a little respect for a man whose like we are desperate to have again.


teh l4m3 said...

w00t!!! I is agin' an inspiration.

Seriously, you do realize that Dex and I were not digging on Clinton, but just talking about the Right's reflexive Clinton hatred...right?

Chuckles said...

There was someone who said that the current situation was Clinton's fault. I wanted to point out that there is some responsibility shared by Clinton, for the current situation, but 99% of blame and responsibility should go to GWB.

Mostly I just was responded to that guy.

Chuckles said...

You are the wings beneath my wind, teh.