Thursday, December 15, 2005


Well, I was finally able to get a comment removed by the shit eaters over at the russian wannabes. Apparently, it is alright for some wannabe political blogging cobag to call me an asshole but it is decidedly uncool for me to ask someone else a pretty rude question. My goal has been met, I think I can just go ahead and forget about pretty much the whole thing. You might be wondering why I want to move to some other inanity. Or as is far more likely, you don't really care.

Horse Flogging:

As fun as hassling morons is, it doesn't get anyone anywhere. This is just as bad as the fools who scream at each other and then agree to disagree after 45 minutes. As relaxing as it may be to yell at someone and insult them in their internet realm, people in reality ought to be able to talk about political shit with a level head. I don't want us all to get along, that would be weird, but I would like us(THEM) to stop hating on the smart people who know what's what(ME).

Happy Holidays!

This whole war on christmas has really got to go. What a waste of time. I must give credit where credit is due as I am sure this was spun out by the same brilliant assbags who brought us the Lewinsky Fiasco '99. The (fake)President only had up to go in his approval ratings and the hit machine (Rove?) came up with this winner of a strategy to get the media talking about anything else. This whole thing sounds like a Hill intern's drunken ramblings to a predatory lobbyist fanatic. These guys should be writing for SNL. I received a message from some fucker who used his organizations email newsletter list to send out a picture of a christmas tree and then scream in bold caps "IT'S A CHRISTmas TREE!" (Emphasis left as was sent) Again, this was sent over a corporate email list. I have always liked spending this time alone, but now I want to spend it murdering these morons.


Lindsey said...

Christmas just hasn't felt like Christmas these days. I don't know what's going on. I need more Holiday spirit.

Chuckles said...

I need a drink, too.

Anonymous said...

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Chuckles said...

GODDAM! I have missed you, my little spam comment fairy! It has been weeks since I last heard from you! How are the little spammers? How is Mrs. Spammer?