Saturday, December 10, 2005

Now That's a BULL!

These are bulls.

These are not.

A topic for discussion:
The members fo 3Bulls! are neither bulls nor are there three of them.
They are also a bunch of tired pansies. Discuss.


Unknown said...

Ouch. I do agree there is more than 3 and the original 3 bulls seem to be not into it except one.


Unknown said...
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Chuckles said...

You know, I don't even think you get 3 Bulls!

Except maybe through the rear.


Unknown said...

Chuckie, you are aggressive. You want me to send Res over to give you your holiday gift?

Perhaps this angst should go to MJ or Brian the biggest asswipe cobag alive!

Chuckles said...

AG, I am so aggressive, I hurt myself. But it's all in good, well, ok, bad fun. Who is MJ and why do we hate him/her/it?

Brian Beer Pong just seems hysterical to me. As long as he is making fun of some beer pong porking dork. If he is serious, then it loses all of its humor. And he regains his asswipe status.

Unknown said...

MJ is Marie Jon. Our friends at Sadly No! and 3Bulls brought the world up to speed on her. Here's her blog:

I have to tell you that the word 'hysterical' is offensive to girls who find Brian offensive (and hopefully more who don't even know about the little snark).

It's not whether he means it or not. He puts it out there and that's offensive. He talks about women as though he owns them and his obsession around his manhood and women wanting him is not healthy. It's men like him that vote for men like GWB. Brian was, is and will always be a cobag!

Maybe a few gender studies courses at Ripon, oh right, Beloit, would have helped.


Unknown said...

What no Res Santa Claus?

We know you want a little naughty talk with Santa this year.

Chuckles said...

Yeah, you're like way over thinking that guy, babe.

For herstory's sake, I took Introduction to Women's Studies. I did rather well and learned more than you might think. I also slept with half of the class.

Ok, so I didn't sleep with any of them. It was a joke. Jeez, you are so touchy and not in teh good way at all.

Unknown said...

You and UC for his nursing comments this weekend are both on the couch. Or whatever it is that you have that you watch TV upon.

Goddammit. I am going to start dating women. The more men I meet, the more I want a woman.

Chuckles said...

What did the UC say about nursing? I have a brother and two friends that have nursing wives. I don't really see a problem with it, unless you are doing it in a totaly inappropraite place, ie where anyone can see you. Nursing should only be done in the closet of shame.

Unknown said...

UC in his usual liberal elitism tried to tell me how it would be if I had a child with him. I reminded him that just because I have two kidneys doesn't require me to give one to him or anyone else for that matter.

I mean the guy puts in like five minutes and I am probably being generous about that and I put in like nine months plus about 24 hours of labor. And for what? So the munchwagon can tell me what I will and won't do for HIS child.

Has he not heard of a little phrase that goes a little something like: our bodies, oursevles?


I might be taking applications for a new UC soon...

Chuckles said...

I though the phrase was: our bodies, ourselves.

How's that for snide?

I don't understand, I thought all women wanted to stay at home and have my babies? Are you saying this is not the fact?

Chuckles said...

Maybe he was just waxing romantic for a moment? Don't you trip the light fantastic and wonder what it would be like to have a genius for a lover and father of your children?

Chuckles said...
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Unknown said...

I NEVER wanted to stay home and NEVER wanted anybody's babies. If a baby were to come out genius, it would NOT be from UC's side. Homeboy is tripping if he thinks that is the case.

I did not go to school to obtain and MRS degree. I don't think I can have it all. That's why I don't want it all. And you know what, I am not sad about that.

Plus, my hot lipstick lesbian lover can watch them while I am out running the corporate show. S

Lastly, she doesn't need to be a genius to be my lover. Just good with her certain parts of her body.


Chuckles said...

Just send me the photos and I'll get you published! Woo Hoo!

Unknown said...

You're a mess.