Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Feel My WRATH!

Personally, I can't wait for the Republican agenda to come to fruition. I anticipate this day because then everyone will be unable to deny the horrible disregard these bastards have for our lives and way of life. Only then will we be able to rampage and start anew after the new revolutionary war. Then in two and a half hundred years, we will be revolting again. Although, the situation is pretty revolting as it currently stands...

Well, that was a pretty setup for a lame joke. Anyway, we pass the mic to Ranty McRambles, our correspondent in Aggravation, WI.

The real problem we face is that the right has managed to completely insulate their power base in congress from any repercussions. Look at the Lewinsky Impeachemnt thing. The public was largely opposed to that whole process, yet those morons forged ahead figuring that they could win out and remove the strongest opposition to their plans. They were dead wrong, but yet they are still in power and will likely remain so for a good long while. The right is using gerrymandering and mouthpieces like McCain and the alleged moderates in the Senate as their poster children for change. Nothing has really changed. Everytime McCain and his buddies come out and protest the motions still pass. These guys are on a short leash and only oppose when the motion already has enough votes to pass the Senate. The right has solidified its hold on committees through intimidation and bribes. The Republican party demands absolute loyalty for campaign money and recruits self serving bastards. If the Democratic party could unite and become just as devious, I would despise them as well and we would be truly lost as a nation and the dream would be completely dead.

Essentially, what we need is a complete wash out of both houses of Congress and an absolute end to campaign contributions. The government should finance all political campaigns with budgets based on registered voters in the districts voting for the candidates. Viva la revolution!

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