Monday, November 14, 2005

Assault on New York, Part Deux

The bus ride to New York was ok. We stopped in some podunk rest stop and the bathrooms and food selection sucked although the was a, say it with me, Starbucks. I refrained. The bus driver had a couple of movies for us to watch, Guess Who? (sucked, predictable movie with no real punch) and some Benny Hill episodes. I wouldn't have gone with the Benny Hill personally, because it was really obnoxiously loud and designed to satisfy everyone's need to complain. We got to Penn Station/Port Authority and met Timbolo's friend. My friend, who was supposed to meet me downtown so we could hit some cool places, bailed and was still in Flushing. I thought about going to the comedy club with my brother and his friend, but decided to head out to Flushing. This was fine. After one ride out to Flushing last January, I have no trouble with the NY subway systems. The bus systems are not for the faint of heart, however. There are at least 4,000 separate bus companies and they all run all over, as far as I can tell. Some look like tour buses and some like tranist buses and some like prison transit buses. I meet my friend at a Taiwanese place and we had some food and walked to a bar he likes and got good and drunk. As we were leaving, I told the bartender she had great New York boobs. Then we left like the assholes we were that night and walked to his apartment to watch Chappelle Show Season Two.

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