Monday, December 04, 2006

Real Genius Newsflash Super Update: Is she hitting on me?

Yes. Apparently, she was.

Also, Qwantz blew my freaking mind this morning with hilarity. I am sitting at my desk and I want to laugh so hard, but I am in a place of SERIOUS BUSINESS and I can't. Blowing my mind feels a bit like being an extra in the movie Miami Vice. Those dudes all got shot or stabbed or obliterated by explosions.

Anyway, back to the Qwantz. The author, Ryan North, claims that he does not understand the path to enlightenment which in and of itself is hilarious. The words used in the comic indicate that he has a fairly decent grasp on certain aspects of enlightenment and Buddhism or at least a fairly decent grasp on our society's understanding of Buddhism and enlightenment.


Anonymous said...

Again, AG never said she wasn't hitting on you. More importantly, how fucked up is this young 'en'sife that she is showing you naked pictures of her, without asking, to you -- a coworker no less?!!

Take it from AG, stay away from a girl with a fucked up family life. If you come from a normal family it will only make you batshit crazy.

Or don't listen to AG and have another break up the Washington Way... Your choice. You know AG loves you too much to see you endure bullshit.

Chuckles said...

Whatever. I love how you just assume that this person is totally insane and has a horrible family life. She could just be comfortable with her body in a way that you could never imagine.

Anonymous said...

Sure. She's comfortable with her body. Sure, she's so comfortable that she puts it on her cell phone and then she shows it off to people. How many Playboy models have come from stable (economically, socially, psychologically, families? About as many as the stripers at your local club.

I don't assume baby, I let the stats suggest where the SD falls and go from there.

Don't be an AG hater for once.

Chuckles said...

Could you actually produce some of these statistics that you are using to back your wild claims?

And it is funny that you mention strippers...

Anonymous said...

Take it from AG, stay away from a girl with a fucked up family life. If you come from a normal family it will only make you batshit crazy.

Yeah, I can definitely support this statement to the max.

But I agree with Chuckles, that one can only judge so much with the information we have. People without body image problems and maybe that come from families without massive nudity taboos are assuredly so comfortable in their skin, that it wouldn't be a big deal having a nude picture taken and shown to other (like Samantha in Sex and the City).

I also think AG's assertion about playboy models is not only wrong, but probably inversely wrong. This is not a cross-section of women that become strippers and prostitutes because of daddy issues and what have you. Playboy models tend to be entrepreneurial, have well-adjusted family lives, and high self-esteem. At minimum, no worse than the average Hollywood actor.

Chuckles said...

And the UC means the average Hollywood actor, not Tom Crusie or even Morgan Freeman. Those hundreds of actors who you don't know but see in lots of places, like the dude in Die Hard who eats a candy bar in the lobby who was also in Big Trouble in Little China and Lethal Weapon.

If AG had ever taken teh time to READ an issue of Playboy she would know that only a small minority of Playmates become career models. A lot of them start their own businesses that don't involve nudity and others go on to business school and law school and stuff like that. They are certainly more motivated than the Genius, but then so is everybody these days.

Anonymous said...

You do not fool anybody. No one reads Playboy. Preuse, study, scan, peek, yes. And definitely ogle.

Well, not the sections with the playmates anyway.

Oh, and back off the hatin' of AG, she's just got your best interests at heart. On the other hand crazy can be fun once in a while. I hear.