Saturday, December 23, 2006

I Just had an Odd Dream

I was taking a tour of Troublemaker Studio and I got separated and ended up sitting on some stolls with some random people about my age. Robert Rodriguez walks up and starts describing how we will all fail him in one way and be cut from the program. Nobody notices taht I should not be in the group.

Rodriguez gives us a pantomime assignment to test our flexibility. This plays out just like you would expect a bunch of unoriginal dumbass directors to act. One seems to be a kind of Jerry Bruckheimer that desperately wants to display real emotion, one a lamer version of Antoine Fuqua, another is an even more annoying version of Aviva Kempner (I met her and she treats clerks like crap) and then there is me. I apparently want to direct movies that only star Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk.

I woke up as we were discussing the second experiment. Rodriguez had given us a bow and knife for a prop. I don't think I was going to win the internship or whatever.


daniel galinec said...

still to cool you appear to sound just like me but you know your not so lets brain storm someday you have had to many interesting things to say . i have face book so ya it is open sorce and i dont think that its the devil lol

Unknown said...

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