Friday, July 14, 2006

The Mid-Term Elections and Diebold, er, I mean, uh, you!

Those yahoos at Yahpoo sent this along with some other depressing news to me. I am not depressed by this article at all. I like how it directly contradicts everything that wingnuts have been saying about American voters. I know that Diebold and the other makers of digital voting machines will see this and understand that all Americans have the right to vote and have their votes be counted in a fair and accurate way. Or, at the very least, the votes they really meant to cast, if only they were better informed and thus, the help provided by Diebold.

"Counting the vote you really wanted to cast."
or perhaps:
"Interpreting your votes since 2000."

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Anonymous said...

This is classic stuff. Fish has a nice post on his blog today about the bounce of Bushlame's ratings. It's worth a quick read.