Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back with a bang. The Big One, in fact.

I do a lot of surfing at work and some of it is even work related. In my gmail inbox, I get some odd ads. I saw one that I could not resist.

"The Final Theory: New book explains everything." I could always use more help understanding women, so I figured I would click on through. I read a little bit and then a little more and then I made the guess that this author was a person whose choice in hats is slightly different from mine. I may cover my windows with tinfoil to keep out the solar rays, but this guy might try to use that same solar shield array to vaporize my neighbors.

"Those bastards are smoking outside the building again. Angle the solar shields, Beaker!"


"DO IT! They may claim I'm mad, but I'll show them when I hit the brakes on the Earth and everyone is flung into space! My theory will be vindicated through my testable examples. Are those tobaccobags fried extra crispy yet, Beaker?"


I get a little bored at work and hate smelling cigarettes that I am not smoking. I even hate smelling cigs that I am smoking. This may have something to do with my habitual non-smoking habit. Anyway, I ran a quick search of the authors name and sure enough the first listed link was the site and the second was a rebuttal of sorts.

The part that really set off my antenna was the bits about not discussing any of the author's core ideas/revelations for fear of them being misunderstood out of context. Even Ann Coulter talks about her books main themes and chapters. Well, she talks about the books that she actually wrote.


missyandchrissy said...

what a fantastic beaker impression!

and we're glad you're not wasting your time and money on this book...even though "a science enthusiast, U.S.A" claims to enjoy it, its website seems suspect.

Chuckles said...

I thought that was awesome.

Science enthusiast. I scrolled down for a while and checked out the Amazon listing, but the only reviewer claiming to be an actual scientist thought the book was complete crap.

The book reminds me of my sophomore year attempt to prove that Decartes was a complete idiot. That was pretty funny for the rest of the people in that class.

Anonymous said...

UC wanted to buy this book at the Independant Bookstore in Rockport, MA, which donates its profits to environmental groups exclusively. AG wasn't having it.

Chuckles said...

Why does AG hate America? And the environment?

Anonymous said...

I don't. I am just not wiping either with Ann Coulter's blood money. We can support it by buying the cookbook AG wanted. See cookbook here: here: