Friday, July 28, 2006

The Washington Post Website Totally Sucks Golf Balls Through Garden Hoses

I was going to link to the story on the front page of the Post about our military's fear of war crimes charges for the abuse of the POWs in Gitmo and elsewhere. I was even going to read the whole thing. I saw it in the non-Starbucks coffee place I went to this morning and I laughed. The fucking Post website won't let me register, even with a legit email address, so fuck those cobagz.

Overheard in the same location:
Lifeguard Girl: You are such an original thinker, I don't know anyone who would have said that but you.
Lifeguard Boy: Thanks, but-
Lifeguard Girl: No, I'm serious, you are like totally smart.

In my head, I said: Wasn't that line from a movie? He just quoted a movie. Fucking pretty boys.


Anonymous said...

So how was the green tea frap at Starbucks?

I say you take your Cobagz sign down to the Post's HQ and show them who is who, Chuckman.

Chuckles said...

Did you not catch the part of the paragraph where I said that I went to a non-Starbucks coffee place?

Anonymous said...

Oh I read your Jayson Blair post...

teh l4m3 said...

I liek p3nus buter. Heh.

Lindsey said...

THIS is what I'm talking about. Stupid boy and idiot girl...those are topics I can relate to.

You should have totally called him out on it. Damn idiot. It's like that scene from "Good Will Hunting." In the bar where that guy is quoting different books to make himself sound smart in front of the girl and Will swaggers up and puts the kabosh on his ass.

missyandchrissy said...

three cheers for frequenting a non-starbucks coffee place!

we wish more people would do so.