Friday, July 21, 2006

28 Years Later

Well, the zombies still rule the country, but one man owns a chainsaw and on Saturday he is going to rip shit up.

Time: 9 PM

Place: Blue Gin
1206 Wisconsin Ave (down the alley)
Washington, DC

Reason: Fuck it. My wang commands me to consume some overpriced drinks and then go shoot pool or liberals, whichever comes first.


Anonymous said...

Is everyone having a birthday this week?!!

Happy Birthday, Cowboy!

(That's what the cards say when I send them to the children who I am their guardian, just in case. AKA "godparent".)

mdhatter said...

eight ball in corner pocket, but remember to chalk your wang, or you'll have a hard time with the english.

oh, and apparently happy birthday. Don't do anything I wouldn't do, whatever that is.

btw, are you a DC local?

Chuckles said...

Yes, indeed I am a full on unrepresented sucker in the District of Columbia.

My wang does need a few english lessons.

missyandchrissy said...

happy birthday chuckles!

sorry we're late, but we were off boozing in honor of your big day all weekend and couldn't handle typing bday wishes.

Rob said...

Your's was el Sabado? That's like a birthday trifecta with PP's on thursday and mine on Friday. Egads!

Chuckles said...

I am the Lord of Trifecta, all will bow to the domination of the Triforce that I possess.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, sorry i was tucked away in an IT-less corner of india's silicon valley :(