Thursday, August 11, 2005


I am writing tests for continuing education credits for social workers and psychiatrists at my current job. I have been instructed not to make them too difficult as the goal is to allow the people to pay the fee and pass the test and then keep coming back to spend money and earn CE credits. I have been told that I am making the quizzes hard enough that they are worried that people will not become return customers. If I make them as easy as asked, the takers will not need to read the articles to pass the quiz. What is the point of continuing your education if you don't actually learn anything? There is no point at all. This brings me to my next point.

Euthyphro is a nice dialogue and great cause for conversation, but not a controversial subject. It is a fantastic introductory dialogue but I am not a neophyte. I feel as if I have let myself down and thus shall read a far more challenging selection for next Wednesday. Given that Euthyphro is the only Socratic dialogue I have ever read all the way through, any dialogue ought to be quite good.

When you get down to the roots of the matter, I am not the kind of guy to really finish a project. It took me eight years to finally get my diploma from college. I joke that I did it on my own terms and in my own way, but the reality is that things get finished in my head long before they are at a point that anyone else would call complete. Once I consider something over, I basically never return to it. I have boxes of miniatures in my apartment filled with assembled and half painted plastics putzes. I have shelves of books that I read all the way to the middle of the final chapter and then said to hell with it. Sometimes, I think that I do this because I may not have a problem never talking to a person again after I write them off, but I seem to keep useless half complete crap around long after it has ceased provide any benefit. So now my life is entering a new era/paradigm/phase/decade/whatever. I am shifting my style from a person who starts to a person who finishes.

Tonight I have to work out with an ex Navy Seal Video, paint some models and read a chapter of The Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan. The video is a crazy workout. The models are Legion of the Damned I converted. The book is about his ideas on the evolution of intelligence.

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