Friday, August 12, 2005

Food Angst

I am reading articles for work about eating disorders and general American problems with food, diet and body image. These articles have freaked me out a little. I know that I don't eat right and my excuse is that I am already carrying around some probably unhealthy fat and should get regular exercise. I already walk almost everywhere and if I am not walking, I am biking. It is my nutritional intake that sucks. I live basically alone and have no reason to cook for one. It is a little lonely and a lot of hassle. I take a multi vitamin in the morning and usually drink an instant breakfast drink, but at night, I tend to go without, rather than eat a balanced meal. If I had regular employment, I tell myself, this would be a different situation and I would eat right. It's not like I don't have the brains to get the right info on a proper diet, by which I mean the food groups and not the Atkins or South Beach.
According to some psychiatrists, nearly everyone is a borderline case of eating disorder, mostly due to the way we think about food and partly due to what we eat on a regular basis. However, according to psychiatrists, nearly everyone is a borderline case of ADHD, so take this as you like it. I think ADHD and ADD, or whatever d's, h's and a's you want, is a crock and a case of parent's refusing to force a kid to behave in an appropriate manner, but this is subject of another rant on another day. In my case, cooking for one makes me feel good because I made something and put effort into being me, while simultaneously making me feel lonely because it is harder to deny my loneliness when I sit across from myself.


fulsome said...

Too true. Is a diet of peanuts, bagels, and beer acceptable? Cause that's far too much of my food intake anymore.

You know you're slipping when you're proud of cooking took two pots!

Chuckles said...

As I blast Jamiroquai(wtf?) from my computer speakers, I sit and read this comment. And I must say that for a single man to use two pots in any one meal for himself is a feat to sung for all the ages!

Full utensils should only be broken out for the ladies. I can not stress enough the importance of having a minimum of three date dishes and a hold-out vegetarian dish. Any less than this and you run serious risk of trouble if your exes meet up and discuss first dates. Bad news.