Monday, August 29, 2005

Microbrew Review Monday

This Week's Beer: Foggy Bottom Ale

I bought a six pack of this brew because I have lived in DC for five summers since attaining approved alcohol consumption age and never tried it. The label claims that it is an 'english style pale ale' and 'elegantly hoppy'. Some pale ales have a flavor that requires you brace for impact while raising the bottle, I'm talking about you Sierra Nevada, but I found this to be a beer that is quiet in comparison. The ale did not have any yeast in the bottle, which I have noticed seems popular these days, as if pale ales need to further segregate themselves from any Macrobrew by being cloudy. I found this to be a welcome change, as if the brewers decided to let flavor do the talking. It has a decent flavor without overpowering your chosen appetizer or snack. I would recommend this brew to accompany any indian style curry or even a tikka. On the whole, my current mood has me looking for a beer with subtelty and flavor and this beer has a goodly amount of flavor but all the subtlety of an ox.

Overall Review: Sure

As this is my first beer review on the blog I will clarify my review positions. They are in order of the first being worst: Only if the 30 pack costs less than $10; When there is nothing else; So long as we keep this between us; If the alternative is wine or soda; Sure; Why not?; Sounds good; As long as I haven't been drinking it every night of the previous week; Any given morning; Even in class or at work.


fulsome said...

crosspost this and uphold my honor. I couldn't yet bring myself to consume one last night, well, plus I wasn't home until 11pm.

fulsome said...

Crappy grammar cause it's 6am but you get the drift.