Tuesday, August 09, 2005

All Fulsome's Fault

I have created this blog so that fulsome over at Well Rounded Nerds (not a comment on weight at all) and I could argue without using cell phone minutes. It should work out well, except that the power in my apartment shuts off a cat sneezes in Greenland.
Since these things are all inherntly selfish to a degree matched only by US Weekly, I will now expound on the nature of my being. What does it mean to be in this world? Existentially speaking, I am at a constant state of irritation with the world. I am smart enough to be outraged at the situation we are currently in and our near future looks no better, based on presently stated goals of the G8. Unfortunately, I am still at a loss as to how I can help mold the world into a closer approximation of my ideal or indeed even move through it as the world is now. Maybe I'll just run for congress.
In terms of life, I have a few friends with the ones who understand me the best living an average of three thousand miles away. The closest one is a great friend and usually up for anything, but he has no hunger that I can discern. As human beings need drives us to commit great acts, both terrible and magnificent, and if we are happy and content, complacency rots away our need. I find it hard to stir my own blood when I am surrounded by those who graze. I long to be surrounded by those who wish to hunt. As I may soon become self employed, I am fairly certain I will spend my well-gotten gains flying West.
Read you round.

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