Thursday, August 25, 2005

Life is pretty sweet, I guess

I may not have regular employment, but I have enough money to live for three months. I have plenty of time to look for a job and squeeze in a few hours of whatever activities my heart should desire. I have a clean apartment in cool neighborhood and some friends with whom to hang. SO why does my life seem completely useless. I pay my taxes with no complaint and I have all the amenities about which most people on the planet won't even dream. When I am employed this feeling subsides somewhat, but mostly I just sit and stew in my own discontent.

I think that discontent is a far better state than contentment, so maybe that is why I foul up job after job. I wonder what my life would be liek if I were happy. It would probably suck, I wouldn't question the facts of my existence as often because I would be swimming in my my pool of happiness and love and all that crap. I am content in my cynicism and discontent, I guess.


fulsome said...

That's just as bad. You need to keep pushing. I feel like you are on the cusp of really pulling your head above ground for work and thinking.

I think the next step is to define a goal for the three month point. What do you want to be doing then and/or have accomplished before then.

I'm glad you're blogging and we're reading but we still need to figure out how we are going to own and operate our own spaceship in the future.

Chuckles said...

Wonder twin powers ACTIVATE! Form of: A ROCKET SHIP!!!
I think our simplest means of space exploration would be to join a group of space explorers and go find some keys to robotic lions and whup some bl;ue skinned ass. Or meet Richard Branson and be best friends with him.

Chuckles said...

I'd go back to Romania any day of the week. I would love to go romping through Transylvania again, even though I am sure that it won't be able to match my memories. I would even take the chance to go driving back through the former Yugoslavian states. Oh, wait, no I wouldn't.

Lindsey said...

I really need to just work for myself and maybe work from home. My boss is moody as hell and the patients get on my nerves...

Plus...I would like to be home in time to watch Oprah...I can't figure out how to set my VCR to record at a certain time.

Chuckles said...

I have never figured out everyone's trouble with VCRs. Most work just fine as long as you keep the original remote for them. The only reason you need the remote is due to the supremely intelligent idea of removing all teh buttons from the VCR. Setting the clock is usually not as hard as people think it is. Once you get that down, everything else should be, as the english say, a piece of piss.
I have been watching way too many british movies (Layer Cake rocks!) and way too much BBCA (Monty Python and Teachers).