Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Absence Excuse

Well, umm, work dragged from Sunday night straight through to Monday afternoon. I was on the job from 9 pm to 445 pm. It sucked. The usual work related issues apply, in that as soon as we finished a section, someone would point out that there may be some changes made in an hour and so we would end redoing a crap load of work. If I wasn't such a dutiful guy, I could have gotten away with a bit of fudging, but someone might eventually notice. The cynics always notice the most crap and end up fixing it. I guess that is just because we are smarter than everyone else.
Anyway, I read the City Paper. On Thursday mornings, I go to my local and have a coffee and read the paper all the way through. If the lead story is good I will even read it in page order. I flip through the classifieds for the cartoons and then read some personals. I like the 'I Saw You' section. It is a reminder to me that every encounter has an opportunity for something else. You could be talking to somebody about something innocuous and if you think they are attractive, you must leave them with some form of contact. The best encounters are the brief. Briefs also make for a good encounter, but ladies usually call them panties and that isn't as good a pun, unless she is wearing Jockeys. If she is only mildly attractive, or I am drunk and in no state to judge(see also; last train at 330 am, just been on date, etc), I steer the conversation to haunts and as I leave I saw that I hang out at frequently at this place. Sometimes, it is even true.

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