Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Morning Link Roundup

I was cruising the internets this morning and I found a few interesting pieces of drek.

Apparently, TUSTOSAN is not the sole source of the Tragic Tranny.

This is why I refuse to "come up" when I am drunk or she is drunk. What an asshole.

I found dontEATnachos holiday present that I should have gotten him two months ago. According to fulsome, I am still on time.


teh l4m3 said...

I just knew that Jesus knocked up Mary Magdalen. I knew it!!!

Chuckles said...

You could tell from all the notes they were passing during ConLaw class.

Anonymous said...

Wonkette better watch out. Ole Tuckbag will be calling up her service provider in no time flat! You know to keep his family safe from hookers and Chuckles.

I heart the unicorns!

Brando said...

That pregnancy story was both hilarious and unbelievably sad.

And I imagine it's pretty hard to control your urges when filled with the Holy Spirit. Just sayin'.

Chuckles said...

Wonkette is no longer run by what'shername. It is run by what'shisname.