Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Some Thoughts on Forms

Specifically, the female form.

Philosophy classes in college were awesome. I learned a great deal about a bunch of people's ideas for the unanswerable and learned some great new questions. The whole discussion of monads and stuff was awesome. In particular, I could sit there daydreaming about certain monads and it was totally on target. For instance, I could sit there assembling an attempt at the monad of woman and who would say that I was not working through the theorems? I was just working in a slightly different context, but the questions were dead on topic.

Questions like:
Is the female form a single monad or a bunch of monads?
Is there a monad of boobs?
What about faces?
These are all ideas and separate but to put together a human, you have to have all these other parts and a human can not exist without a head or a face. Are these really separate monads or are they dependent on the first concept of a human/person?
Is not Bettie Page the monad of HOTT?

These are the things I would think about in certain philosophical discussions while my brain would multi-task. I was paying attention while I was daydreaming because I am that good.

So anyway, I was watching The Notorious Bettie Page last night and it was a pretty damn good movie. Gretchen Mol does a fine job and her supporting cast is pretty neat as well. And goddam if she isn't just a spitting image of the lovely pin-up queen. Anyway, AG can eat it because I know will hate this post, but that is because she is a self hating woman who is afraid of nudity. SSDHPPBPHHPBBTHTTT!

That is the onomatopeia of a raspberry.

I read Playboy and I also look at it and I am not embarassed to admit this, as recent Pork Snorkelers found out. I could lie, but I don't really see the point. Anybody that is going to be flustered by this admission and get all huffy (AG) is going to get all huffy with me anyway. Anyone who understands why a man like me can freely admit that and not be all ashamed knows exactly what I am saying.

Hell, all the hardware problems I have encountered in the last two days are a direct result of all the porn on my computer. I freely admit that I have too much, but only too much in that it intereferes with other programs by preventing me from installing new games. I am undergoing a purge of quite a bit of these files because I don't need them anymore.

I don't think I ever needed them, I do know a thing or two about meeting RL women, but porn has a certain simplicity. This same simplicity is both attractive and boring. Thus, I pare down the collection. If this choice is between porn and a living woman, I am not so messed up that I would even have to debate that internally. I am just as pervy as the average guy out there, but I don't think I have an average approach to porn.

I am rambling here, but the main point is that The Notorious Bettie Page is a worthwhile movie to watch. And not at 4x speed followed by several quick reverse and slow commands with your dvd player's remote.

Please Note: In the interests of everyone's job status = not fired, I have not included any pictures with this post.


Anonymous said...

I always wanted to equate Leibnitz’s monads to atoms, where each atom has its specific place within the whole telling its own story. The problem is that Leibnitz defined monads as not occupying any physical space. That makes the male female relationship difficult since it is so dependent on matter as well as the void. This is a gross oversimplification, but I believe this is the relationship that keeps your mind monad in its perpetual state of daydreaming instead of commanding your ass’s atoms to do something about it.


Chuckles said...


I miss you, man.

I actually had a nifty night exploring the void and the mind a few years ago and I should write about it, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

"I miss you, man."

I bet you do. Res, AG has confirmed: he's on your team.

mdhatter said...

the monads of gonads? an onomotopoeia of a Idaeobatus*? torn over porn?

i'm outtie!

* (raspberry)