Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Weather on the Internet

Today's Forecast:
A heavy coating of Spam is expected before Noon.
A high probability of silly coworker computer problems are expected to develop by three.
Today is a Mild risk of Work Related Annoyance, due to one of three bosses being out of town.
Be on the lookout for a thick front of slacking moving in from the west later this week, could make work a bit troubling.

That's the latest and have a good rest of the day.


Anonymous said...


Chuckles said...

Less lame than your fake feminism.

Anonymous said...

Everything is fake when you are a nanobot, GENIUS!

Chuckles said...

Your lampooning of feminist virtues sets the movement back decades.

Rob said...

My Pokemans... let me show you them... GENIUS!

Is this post about weather or something? I'm too busy to even read your posts, let alone tailor my comments to one specific, worthwhile subject.

Chuckles said...

Well, you just pushed my last button.

Time to break out MS Paint and enact my revenge.