Friday, July 13, 2012

A New Project for the Pork Snorkel Crew

Legal Disclaimer: Despite all similarities and a completely identical roster, the Pork Snorkel Crew is only loosely affiliated with Team Pork Cloud Mexico.

As chief scientist of the Pork Snorkel Crew, I am currently involved in researching a new breed of Oreos.  My lab team and I will be attempting to assemble jumbo Oreos from regular and double stuffed varieties of the popular snack food.  These enormous cookies will hopefully have diameters in excess of three inches, while remaining structurally strong enough to scoop soft-serve ice cream. These new Hand Oreos* should revolutionize everything, everywhere, and will probably win a Nobel Peace Prize after the cessation of the Toll Wars once the cookies are shipped to the Middle West. 

As I have not received notice from the FDA to halt testing, human trials will begin in a little over two weeks.

* I will not be calling them HOreos.

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