Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday Afternoon Philosophy: Sex Music

This hasn't been a problem for me as I have been turning down offers of sex for four years now. (In order to clarify that statement, I mean sex, not fooling around, there has been enough of that on a regular basis to satisfy me.) Now, however, as the desire for actual sex rears it's ugly head, I find myself worried about being adequately prepared. I have only one, maybe two, CD's of sex music and very little on my computer that would satisfy that situation. I have The Richest Man in Babylon by DC's own Thievery Corporation and a CD of Late Night Tales as selected by The Flaming Lips. The first album needs no introduction and if you haven't heard the thieves then you have been living in a box, or at least not watching Garden State. The second album is a compilation of music for late night as chosen by the Lips. It has a cool cover of The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army by the Lips, too. Kinda neat. As cool as this is, it only amounts to about two hours of sex music. I think the standard sits around four hours, as some variation and accommodation of taste must be made. I am woefully unprepared.

My younger brother has untold hours of sex music. I could just take his collection and duplicate it, but that would be like duplicating another man's porn collection. Not kosher. Sex music and, by extension, porn say a lot about a person. I am not my brother, thus I must not duplicate his music. Since, he is in Slovakia at the moment, I can't even listen and get some ideas of what I like or what, the currently hypothetical, she might like.

I need to prepare a budget and just start logging some hours at the stores listening. Melody Music in Dupont seems like the place.


Lindsey said...

I haven't had sex in so long that everything is sex music to me now. It's pathetic.

Chuckles said...

Me-yow! Even Green Day's newest album of pop music for our parents?

I have already broken my rule and read the prologue of Knife of Dreams. I am now anticipating that nothing will happen until the last three chapters.

Maybe I will be proven wrong by this book.

Pinko Punko said...

Dude, Mazzy Star for mellow, cuddly nookie.

Mr. Airplane Man for sweaty shenanigans.

Your douchebag arrogance works better than Jedmunds, and I like Jedmund's a lot. You could have potential. Potential to have me comment again. White background bloggers have always been at war with dark-background posters.

Chuckles said...

It's only arrogance if it's undeserved. I call it class and confidence.