Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cricket Apocalypse

I have had it. Tonight the crickets die. I am going to kill or maim any live crickets left in Helob the tarantula's cage when I got home from work. The constant chirping will end and I will have peace.


Lindsey said...

Oh my god that drives me up the freakin' wall!!! And they always seem to gather right under your bedroom window. Ugh.

Chuckles said...

I maimed one of the little bastards but he still chirps! Helob doesn't seem all that hungry but every morning I wake up and find the crickets all hanging out at the top of the branch in the enclosure. So I removed the branch. In the process, I think I freaked Helob out because he didn't eat the cricket that ended up underneath his grasping legs. They shouldn't be able to hide for much longer without the bracnh for safety.