Thursday, November 05, 2009

Overheard on the Metro 11/5/09

The liberal's definition of bipartisanship is you do what we want you to do." - Some conservative,* tourist,** wannabe-protester.***

Where the fuck have you been for the last nine years? If the Democratic Party were as organized as the Republican'ts, then this might be the case. Instead, all of us peons are being left basically as butthurt as before.

* How do I know he's conservative? From the Representative he was mentioning, and the statement.

** How do I know he's a tourist? He said that he was in from Ohio, and that he had gone to the museums and monuments when he found out that he would not be able to meet with any Congressional power players. He did get to meet with his district's rep, and leave a note for one of his Senators, both of which are rather impressive for a guy without an appointment.

*** I'm guessing he didn't actually protest at any organized events, because he asked another tourist if there were any protests. Even the other guy said, "I dunno, I went to the museums after I couldn't get an appointment to yell at Pelosi." This other person was rather angry that one of his Reps told him that he was not going to change his mind because the Rep understood the situation better than this visitor. I'd be ROFLCoptering if it all weren't so fucking sad.

UPDATE 11/6/09: According to the Washington Post Express (a fucking bastion of comedy for unemployed proofreaders), "about 1000" people showed up to protest with John Boehner and a Representative that I can't recall at the moment. Ohio Boy said that he saw a much larger crowd than he expected, so what was he expecting? 20 to 40 people chanting moronic slogans like the ricockulously named tea parties? Those jackasses that "protect" the war memorials on the Mall?


Kathleen said...


Brando said...

At least he didn't ask you to teabag with him.

Chuckles said...

Those tea parties would be the highest form of political satire, if Fox News and the Top 1% weren't the only ones in on the joke.

Anonymous said...

Part of living in DC is having to put up with over-wieght tourists with fanny packs dressed like 12 year olds from the mid-west, wyoming, texas, etc, that come here for their patriotic vacations. Then they come here and act like this is some crazy liberal town...which it really isn't. I mean c'mon this aint no freaking berkely people.

Chuckles said...

Yeah, it certainly is no Berkeley. Look at the fucking travesty of a clusterfuck we're having simply trying to grant civil rights to everyone in our city. I'm appalled by the behavior of the various religious organizations in DC.