Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rice and Beans, Genius Style

If you use these ingredients:
Long grain brown rice, one cup or so
Pinto beans, more than one but less than a whole bag
Black beans, maybe twice as many as pinto
Kidney beans, one third as many as the black but no more than half as many of the Pinto
Spices, at least three times as many as of different types of beans but only 1/100 of the mass of the total bean mass
Diced green chilis and tomatoes, one can

Given that the beans have been soaking overnight in filtered tap water, and that the rice is from place or places unknown, and that the chilis and tomato mixture is in a 14.5 oz can, and that Al Gore won a Noble Prize (shared), calculate the carbon footprint of the above meal. Be sure to include methane emissions in your summation.


ginger-talk said...

were these locally sourced beans or direct-from-Shenzhen? was the tin of tomato-chilis recycled? were methane emissions charcol filtered?

please submit a response to this RFI and take note my billing rate is $175/hr, 4 hour minimum, payable in a goat's skin pouch of gold coins, with a destination of the darkest dungeon in Ulduar.

mdh said...

I bet the carbon footprint is about 3/4 of an inch. Try an SOS pad.

captcha - "hyped"

Chuckles said...

The beans are from an unknown location as the bag did not say. The tin will be dropped in my recycling bin, but will take months to be picked up since everyone else tends to dump paper and plastic in the glass and tin bin. So far, the methane emissions have only been cotton filtered.