Thursday, July 02, 2009

Holiday Crowds

Here's to hoping they flock to my bar and tip well. Or even just a solid 15%. I wonder if there's a pool I can go to this weekend, it would be nice to get some sun and water in between shifts. I can get sun in my glade by the canal, but I can't go swimming there because of the murderous rapids.

Addendum: I was going to Ray's Hell Burger long before President Obama went there. It's a great place to grab an economical and fucking tasty meal before going to the First Mondays Show at Iota. Just so we're clear. Ask dontEATnachos, he'll tell you that I didn't even know about this until today. I suggested Ray's as a place for a good burger, and possibly as an capstone to a burger trifecta (Rockland's, Five Guys, and then Ray's) and he directed my attention to that article.


Chuckles said...

Since no one has asked, they didn't flock to my bar at all.

dontEATnachos said...

I ended up going to Ray's Hell Burger yesterday. Decent enough. I don't know how often I'd go there since they didn't have fries. A truly great burger requires a good set of fries to go with it.

Chuckles said...

I do like their price structure, however. Ten dollars gets you a great burger and macaroni and cheese!