Thursday, January 22, 2009


My sister in law is having contractions. So that's neat I guess, since she's due like now or somewhen. Anyway, most recent cool thing my nephew was overheard saying was a John McCain quote:


I would link to the proper video, but this computer doe snot have an updated flash player and it's not my comp, so oh well.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Let us know when she is born and what they name her.

How exciting! Congrats to all.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I am right her.

Wait, Mr. Puddles is a private name....

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I am right HERE.

Spelling Zombee has been drinking.

Anonymous said...

No rush on the baby. We went through contractions for two weeks before the first was born. I say we, like I had to do anything except deal with angry, angry woman.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Dando, it's Braxton Hicks.
Do be careful, as there are risks associated with this.

As for angry woman -- are you kidding me?!! She has been pregnant for nine months. Feels sick, gains weight, breasts hurt, on and on. Then she has to push something the size of a pot roast through her uterus. That is no day at the beach, I assure you.

And you do like what? Have a steak and hang out in labor and delivery for a few hours?

Girl, be angry and let him know when you make him dinner next: he should think twice before eating it.

I know you'll be all I said was that she was angry, but whatever. Deal with your wrath of AG.

And oh yeah, your youngest brother (yeah, I talked to him on C-dawg's Facebook) won't give me the second oldest's number. Could you give it to me?

Kathleen said...

good luck Chuckles' family!!

Chuckles said...

Well, in the new world of Obama's presidency, it is nice to see that AG can still overreact.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Whatever. That is called, "setting straight."

What next, us feminists have no sense of humor?

I forgot that rape, sexism, holocaust, disabilities still funny to some.

Mea culpa.

Chuckles said...

Like I said, in the new year and new America, I am glad to see that some people refuse to change.

Anonymous said...

As long as we are both on the same page about your refusal to change.