Monday, August 04, 2008

BBC Needs Some Proofreaders

This is exactly why you have proofreaders:

The Death Zone

Expedition organisers only learned of the avalanche after a group of climbers arrived back at the mountain's base camp on Saturday evening.

The mountaineers included Koreans, Pakistanis, Nepalis, Dutchman and Italians, reports say, but exact details remain unclear.

They at an altitude known as the Death Zone, where oxygen levels are not high enough to sustain life.

I keep writing all these really awful jokes here, but eleven people died doing something I will never attempt and I am trying to reconnect with the human race, so I keep deleting the jokes. The view must be amazing, and all the more so for the struggle.


Anonymous said...

The BBC had an interview with one of the climbers who opted not to go all the way up that day, since he recognized the slowness and poor decisions of those ahead of him could jeapordize his own life if he needed to rely on them. He had an air of "ha ha, n00bz" in his voice, and an air of "damnit, now I have to help organize the recovery instead of making it to the top".

Also an air of respect for the mountain.

Kathleen said...

I try to avoid places called "death Zone"

Anonymous said...

Me too, K-Unit!

Chuckles said...

I prefer things called "Death Race" and "2000."

Kathleen said...

"Death Race" the movie is so perfectly awesome, it should be preserved in amber.

Chuckles said...

Yeah, it looks like it has eye candy for everyone.