Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Music Menagerie

I'll just list them until WMP pulls up an embarassing selection.

1. Thievery Corporation - Facing East (I paid for this)
2. Elvis Presley - Good Luck Charm (This too)
3. The Evangelicals - Here Comes Trouble (I have no recollection of downloading this)
4. Crystal Method - Broken Glass (not quite embarassing yet)
5. Page France - Beehive State
6. Midlake - Head Home (not sure if I like these guys, sounds too 80s lite rock for me)
7. Ogenki Clinic - First Light (I paid for this on a DJ set double album)
8. Annie - The Crush (aaaaand there goes the embarassing selection)

***Special Three Stars Edition Song of the Day***
Jonathan Coulton - First of May


Elmo said...

I never heard a song about fucking outside before...

Michael Bains said...

Thievery Corporation's cool. I got one of their disks off a PC I was fixing.

If Annie - The Crush woulda been Garbage - Crush it might notabeen so embarasskin, eh.

(Not quite I did specify. {-; )

Chuckles said...

Jonathan Coulton has some great ones. Re: Your Brains is another awesome song.

Anonymous said...

What no Blondie or Men at Work?


Lindsey said...

I suck. The only person I recognize on that list is Elvis. :o)