Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Embarassing Music: Emergency Water Shut Off Edition

I sit in my apartment waiting for the plumbers to come check out my apartment on this fine Friday morning in May. Since I am phoning in these posts until I sort out my blogging situation, I figured that another music list would be fine. I will list them until they get embarassing.

The Police - Born in the '50s (from Outlandos d'Amour)
DJ Shadow - Dats My Part (from The Outsider)
Deathmole - Quantum Unicorn Horns of Diamon (from Questionable Content, fulsome would like this band, if it were real)
Jehro - Long is the way (I have no recollection of downloading this, Senator)
M.Ward - Today's Undertaking (from Post War)
A Sunny Day in Glasgow - C'Mon (I have no recollection of downloading this, Senator)
Johnny Cash - Solitary Man (from American 3)
Johnny Cash - The Wall (from At Folsom Prison)
Thievery Corporation - From Creation (from The Richest Man in Babylon, which I recommend)
Fink - Biscuits (downloaded from Aurgasm, and it is not exactly convincing me to buy a Fink album)
The Fiery Furnaces - Chief Inspector Blancheflower (from Blueberry Boat, which I recommend)
Jonathan Coulton - Camp Bachelor Alma Mater (downloaded from his site, this is ok)
CCR - Green River (from Chronicle, Vol. 1 which is required for all college students, I think)
Canasta - Just a Star (from We Were Set Up, which I had to order from a store in Madison. How coincidental.)
Dandy Warhols - The Gospel (from Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia, not embarassed yet)
Severin24 - Free Chicken (from Underworld, according to the MP3 information, this song sounds like my friend's 5 year old daughter singing with a techno-blues backing band)
The Chemical Brothers - Galaxy Bounce (ok, there it goes. So I like them, bite me.)


Anonymous said...

Blogging situation?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I just got the Canasta download, but I'm listening to the new Sloan opus first.

Kathleen said...

plumbers aren't going to help you get murdered birds out of your cable box my friend.

Chuckles said...

I refrain from commenting on the state of my connection.

missyandchrissy said...

how does one phone in their posts?

Brando said...

Chuckles, you are correct about CCR's Chronicles. No dorm room is complete without it.

Anonymous said...

i just saw tmbg lastnight. small club, good show.

Chuckles said...

They Might Be Giants? I thought they had shifted to kids music?

Anonymous said...

nope. New adults album next month. Some promising new stuff.

Anonymous said...

TMBG rocks. Well at least they used to. I'm curious what the new album will sound like.

Miss Syl said...

I recommend a high dose of penicillin for your blogging situation. Should clear things up fairly quickly.