Monday, October 30, 2006

South Park Brings Me Down

This is the tenth season of South Park. I was but a wee freshman when the internets showed me two short clips of foul mouthed children and Santa battling Jesus.

Now, I am an older, wiser?, bitterer man. Ten fucking years? Where did they go?

Down the fucking drain.


Alex said...

Hahah! I had this same depressing shock last year...was wondering when it would hit you. But don't think of those years as a waste...remember, it took you 5+ years to leave college so start measuring from when you *left* college than when you started it. You'll feel younger for sure!

Anonymous said...

shouldn't dwell on such things, it will only make it worse.

Brando said...

It is hard to believe. It seemed like only yesterday a young Cartman taught us how to laugh at alien anal probes.

Chuckles said...

Yeah, this isn't as annoying as the fact that I am about to lose both my jobs.


Anonymous said...

You would not feel that you had wasted the large part of your adult life if you would simply get back to commenting at my place! OTT misses Chuckles.

NotCarrie said...

I've never seen a full episode of South Park. I don't like the way the characters are drawn, it annoys me.

Chuckles said...

That is because the characters are NotDrawn, NotCarrie.

They started as colored paper cutouts and they are now computer generated. An entire episode can be animated and edited/censored in 4 weeks.

I do like the show and would like to watch more of it, but the entire 8th season was stolen from my video store. Tweenie bopper shoplifters will pay.