Monday, October 30, 2006

Returning to Previously Established Baseline: UPDATED AND EXPLAINED

Pretty much sums up my professional and personal life right now.

Let me tell you that unemployment sucks because Fridays and Saturdays completely lose their meaning.

There is no joy in life like 4:44 PM Friday afternoon.

There is no peace in life like a slow walk in the sunshine on Sunday.

Unemployment robs both of these moments of all satisfaction.

UPDATE AND EXPLANATION: I will not be fired from my night job because I attacked the problems at the store in a manner that resulted in those problems being addressed without my termination. So that's nice and I was pretty sick of inhaling formaldehyde fumes.

In regards to my day job, my boss is insisting I work overtime. I have refused and will continue to do so on the basis that I am not paid for it. The secondary reason I am refusing is that this boss never works a minute of overtime, regardless of the crisis. The tertiary reason is that I am paid to work night hours at another job. The overboss at my dayjob is famous for firing everyone who asks for a raise. Even award winning contributors that have consistently drawn attention and publicity to our magazine. They only pay me for 7 hours a day and they will only get 7 hours a day. This will cause some friction and my boss will attempt to use this as another lever to remove me. Of course, every time he has tried this in the past, he has failed as has every attempt of his to blame me for all his fuckups. You can see how this might be a sticking point.

Solvency is overrated.


Mendacious D said...

Also, beer money. This is another great travesty.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Unemployment?

Anonymous said...

Yes, can you explain for Jessica and myself?

And who is Jessica, BTW?

And where is my gifts from Europe?!!

Anonymous said...

if you start thinking that youre going to get fired, it only increases the possiblity.
blog about vyprazany syr instead. Ive been waiting for your full report on your adventures to the ends of the earth and back.

Alex said...

Fuck it man. The Chuck I know don't need The Man flippin' him no jive, nohow! Prepare for unemployment by stocking up on Top Ramen, Kool-Aid and lots of toilet paper.

WTG sticking up for yourself at Night Job; hold the line at Day Job as well. If that boss fires you, well, he was going to fire you anyway - from what you tell me he's had it in for you for a while anyway. Might as well not get fucked over then get fired on top of it.

Perhaps, if you expect imminent termination, you could start a job search *now* instead of after your unemployed? As the saying goes, it's easier to get a job when you have one already. Or something. I don't think that's a saying, but at least it's true IMEX.

Anonymous said...

And after all the hard work in SF. Bastards!

Anonymous said...

Come on, Chuck had the same complaints after the conference last year. That organization is no good and they pay too little.

There has to be a better organization in the DC area that you work for.

Brando said...

Chuckles, you stick it to The Man. You stick it to The Man with your giant Wang Chung.

Seriously, sorry to hear about the employment blues. Hope you can land a better gig soon.