Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Microbrew Review Monday: Late


Its not exactly a microbrew, but since the Red is the only variety available outside of Wisconsin and Illinois, I think it counts. I must admit that I haven't actually drank a beer in more than a week.

The Lager is pretty good, but not exceptional. It has a good flavor with mild complexity of high notes and low notes and all that. Northwoods is far superior to any macrobrew 'premium' beer. It has an odd flavor that I will admit is only for some, but I really like it. It sticks out and says, 'Hey! How ya doin? Come on in! I got some beers in the fridge and I need to make room for the beef for tomorrow's barbecue!' It is kind of oaky, without the crunchy. The two absolute stars of the Leinenkugel's stable are Honey Weiss and Berry Weiss. Honey has a the pleasures of beer with honey. It tastes a bit like a quality lager mixed with mead. Now take that mix and add raspberry and blueberry juice and you have the Berry. Both must be thoroughly chilled to be enjoyed to the fullest. You can even mix them together to create a cool drink. Guys take note: these beers have all the alcohol of beer and the flavor of a pussy ass wine cooler which chicks love. Girls get seriously drunk and you don't look like a dork buying them at the store. I once sat on a swing bench with a buddy and we each drank a cool case one afternoon in September. We got demolished and had a great time.

Verdict: Even in class or at work

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fulsome said...

So wrong, I can't even begin to pain the picture. Berry Weis is an abomination. It is a "malt beverage" not a beer. It does have a purpose -- getting girls to drink it while not appearing especially fruity. It is NOT to be drank by red-blooded American males. Northwoods, fine. Red, yes. Big Butt, now there's a beer for the whole family!

Sorry, I know you and Schaub both got suckered into the Berry but it is a dark dark path that you don't want to follow, my friend.