Saturday, July 10, 2010

Psychic Octopus vs Menta-parrot

Today and tomorrow we'll find out whether a brain that is among the smallest proportionate brain in existence, the smallest belonging to Pinko Punko, is more powerful than a brain that is roughly half of the total body mass. In somewhat mostly related news, I have been ready for the World Cup to be over for about two weeks. I am grateful for the huge piles of cash I made, and the weight I've lost, and the muscles gained, but I'm ready for some time in my bed, or on a beach, or even in front of a beach screensaver. It's nice having two month's expenses in the bank, and being to stroll through the morning's puddles in my new gore-tex Vasques, but damn I'm tired. In six weeks, I've earned three month's rent and bills, lifted a metric ton of dirty dish bins, 4,500 pounds of beer in kegs, and served a conservatively estimated 1,500 people an average of 8 beers each. And my friends are wondering why I am so tired at their parties. I'll be in San Francisco in mid August, contact me through the usual front or back channels if you want to hang, or buy me drinks. Toronado is definitely on the list, as is Mayflower(Marigold, whatever that one brewpub is called on Haight?), as is some other place that fulliecakes will get all jealous over missing. Probably the Anchor Brewing Company tour.

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