Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fixing My Internets AKA Re-plumbing the Tubes

I've been adding links to my blog little by little, as I've taken to using it as a one stop place for my favorite time wasting. Since I still have yet to find employment that allows me the luxuries of services that are rapidly becoming utilities, I still have neither broadcast television access nor internet access, and rely almost entirely upon my local library for serious internetting. I can't even pirate a wi-fi network since people in my building are so stingy. Er, I mean, knowledgeable about network security.

Also, while I can peruse some websites on my phone, it is really no replacement for a broadband internet connection, or even a dial-up connection. Reading internet articles on your phone is a lot like reading under the covers when you're twelve and Mom and Dad told you to go to bed. It's bad for your eyes, and you'll end up embarassed when you admit to what you were reading later in life, because Dungeons and Dragons novels are just horrifically embarassing.


dontEATnachos said...

My friend who didn't want to $50 a month for internet simply asked her neighbor if she could use theirs and gives them something like $10-15 a month. Seemed to work out pretty well.

Chuckles said...

That might work, if I could only meet my neighbors that have wireless connections. I have no idea who these people are, and only know one of my neighbors.

dontEATnachos said...

You know, they have these things called 'doors' that you can 'knock' on. When you do that, people will open the 'door' and possibly talk to you.

It's not like you don't have a ton of experience striking up conversations with random people.

Chuckles said...

There is that, yeah. I have had odd success with that in the past. I received a bunch of mail for another apartment once, and was going to slip it under their door. When I went to knock on the door, I heard music playing, and someone knocking around inside. I thought, "great, they're home and I can give them their mail and meet them."

I knocked, and received no response. I knocked a little louder, and the music stopped, as did the moving around. I knocked again, saying, "hello? I'm your neighbor and I received some of your mail by accident." No response. After waiting and knocking for a total of five minutes of silence, I slipped the mail under the door. I then heard the resident run over and grab the mail. Paranoia runs deep with some people.

Brando said...

Chuckles, you could also yell out their network names until the appropriate owners appear.