Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update to the Post About the Best Worst Things Said (To Me) During a Breakup

#2: "Call me when you have money."
It wasn't "I'm sorry things are tough right now, call me when things improve." It wasn't "hey, I'm kinda broke too, let's check out those museums you suggested." Nor was it "that's really awful, let me buy you a drink tonight." Considering the rather extreme difference in income, I would still have been a complete cad to have asked her to pay more than half of any bill. Instead, I suggested a number of free activities for us to do on our next date, and she responded with, "call me when you have money." Six words that said so much.

I have not wondered why she doesn't come by my office for drinks anymore.

I will link to the original post when I can. Sent from my crackberry, or more appropo, my pornberry.

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mdh said...


Also, I'd give her points for honesty - would her having a hard time sleeping be any real hindrance to your actual goal??